Tilt Up Construction in Victoria BC

First developed in the mid 1940’s as a fast and affordable method of building structures during the post war era, Tilt Up Construction, also known as Tilt Slab or Tilt Wall, is a method of construction that utilizes prefabricated concrete slabs raised by a crew and crane equipment on the building site.

Tilt Up Method

Tilt Up requires that the essential parts of the structure like the foundation, the walls and support columns be cast in concrete as slabs near the site. These are usually created on the buildings’ floor. The formed slabs are left to cure for several days and once ready are tilted up vertically or laid horizontally to be joined to structural supports as the walls or as the roof.

Tilt Up Benefits

The Tilt Up method is an efficient and cost effective type of construction when compared to conventional building techniques. Developers realize savings when project time lines are reduced as contractors can begin building as the design is being conceptualized, contributing to phase completion simultaneously.

Because Tilt Up construction techniques do not involve vertical forming or the use of scaffolding, job site safety is increased as potential conventional hazards are removed. Labour costs can be reduced as Tilt Up techniques are easy enough to employ crews with basic skill levels.

Tilt Up Future

Initially developed as a quick method to erect warehouses or industrial buildings, Tilt Up Construction has expanded to include many other forms as its technology has evolved. Given the benefits of this construction method, developers with limited budgets are turning to experienced general contractors and construction managers to complete projects that include residential structures, hotels, office buildings, retail outlets and educational facilities.

Concrete can withstand tremendous external forces such as fire and earthquakes and is still unmatched in terms of durability and strength. Technology and innovation will continue to shape Tilt Up techniques but it is because Tilt Up is a durable, cost effective and safe construction method that it will remain a reliably practical and efficient choice developers will continue to employ for many years to come.

Some of the Tilt Up structures that have been built by the Farmer Group of Companies around the Capital Region include:

  • Boulder’s Climbing Gym at Stelly’s Secondary School (Saanichton)
  • Canadian Tire (Nanaimo)
  • Home Depot (Victoria)
  • SDL Optics Inc. (Saanichton)
  • Westcraft Manufacturing (Saanichton)
  • Power Measurement’s Office & Manufacturing Facility (Saanichton)
  • BFI Recycling (Saanichton)

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