Customs House

Project Overview

A monumental waterfront building, Customs House was built in 1914, on the massive granite foundations of the city’s 1898 Post Office.

Now more than a century old, the iconic Customs House building will again take its rightful place as an important part of Victoria’s architectural heritage. A visionary developer has brought together a team of forward–thinking design professionals who will ensure that Customs House will provide an unmatched level of luxury and comfort that will stand as a landmark on the Victoria Waterfront. The soaring ceilings and towering windows at Customs House create light–filled spaces that illuminate the elegant interiors and the finest fixtures and finishes available. A century–old heritage structure, a new seven–storey addition and an irreplaceable location at the heart of Victoria’s world–famous Inner Harbour — Customs House will bring a new level of luxury to the city.

Project Details

Project: Customs House
Architect: Merrick Architecture
Services Provided: Construction Management
Completion: 2020
Location: Victoria, BC