Project Overview

Some projects place more emphasis on inspiration and thought-provoking design than others. This is one of those projects.

This building’s design team creatively replicated the shape of an antique jukebox for the building’s exterior, which can be appreciated from the ground level of View street. The uniquely-designed 9 storey reinforced concrete and steel condominium building will energize Victoria’s architectural schema with colour, contours and distinctive glass windows.

The design team also took great care in designing the units, maximizing space while crafting a modern layout. This project will provide Victoria with an additional 215 residential suites, one level of underground parking, and some greatly sought commercial spaces.

Construction is set to be complete by October 2018.

Project Details

Project: The Jukebox
Architect: Gustavson Wylie Architects Inc.
Services Provided: Construction Management
Completion: 2018
Location: Victoria, BC