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Farmer Construction Ltd. is not in business just so we have a place to come to work every day. We live in the community and feel we are an integral part of it. For greater than 60 years we have had an opportunity to influence the neighborhoods in which we live, work and play; building progressive, interactive and sustainable communities. It is from these that Farmer Construction Ltd. has positioned itself as one of the prominent West Coast construction firms.

We understand that business is not only about building community today, but building the community of tomorrows and it is our goal to continue working closely with local governments, architects and developers to create the innovative and sustainable green spaces and work places for all of our futures.  We are humbled by the support our community has gifted our company and in turn support a variety of community organizations and charities.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • The United Way of Greater Victoria
  • HeroWork
  • The Shoebox Project
  • Vancouver Island Construction Association

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Farmer Construction Ltd.
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