Day of Mourning

On April 28th at 10:30am, Farmer Construction will bring all workers together at our various work sites to pause for a moment of silence to honor and remember co-workers and family members who were injured, made sick or killed because of something that happened at work.
Workplace injuries and illnesses claimed the lives of 161 BC workers last year (2021). This is 10 more than reported in 2020.
Every injury, disease, or death serves as a powerful reminder that employers have an important responsibility to ensure that all workplaces in BC are healthy and safe. With each worker tragedy there are loved ones, family members, friends and co-workers who are directly affected, left behind, and deeply impacted – their lives.
Day of Mourning is a day to reflect and honour the memory of those who lost their lives on the job, as well as an opportunity to talk to each other and renew our commitment to workplace safety.
We all have a responsibility to keep our workplace safe year-round and to make sure everyone goes home safe and healthy at the end of the day. Let’s all take a stand for safety!