Employee Profile – James Lumsden

“Hi, my name is James. I am set to take my Level 1 school coming up soon. I’ve been working with Farmer Construction for five months at the Pearl Project. My knowledge so far comes from working on multiple sites during my apprenticeship at Stelly’s Secondary. What I love about carpentry Is seeing the finished product and knowing I had a hand in that and now people are working and living in what I helped build. I need to do what I love; I want to be financially comfortable and have something to show for or pass on to future generation to look up to!

Working for Farmer Construction so far has been great, everyone keeps telling me that I’m a good worker.

When I was missing days due to relying on ride sources, Farmer Construction helped put me back on the right track which I really appreciate because it was something I needed.

“Fear is part of the process… Face it and Just Go For it!”

– James