HeroWork Volunteer Callout!

Volunteer Callout!! Hospitality volunteers needed!

The General Volunteer portal is now OPEN! – https://volunteer.herowork.com

Trade Volunteer Calendar should be open soon but currently any Trade help inquiries can go to our Trade and Supply Manager James James.mollison@herowork.com

If you are an existing HeroWork volunteer and haven’t already created a password for the new system then make sure to go to https://volunteer.herowork.com/forgot-password to setup/reset your password

Hospitality Positions:

Marshalls – Fun, easy and important job! These are volunteers that will help us ensure we have the safest covid free construction site around. One of the Marshalls will take temperatures for volunteers to fill out their covid questionnaires before entry. Each shift will have two Covid Marshalls that will monitor the site keeping high touch surfaces clean and ensuring that proper PPE is available and worn by all volunteers.

Site Liaisons – As the safety video has moved to an online platform. The Site Liaisons now will just be responsible to ensure that the first shift everyone knows: where the Muster station is, where the washrooms are, what time lunch is being served, etc. They will also let everyone know of any task hazarded are highlighted and then get the volunteers to where they will be working.

Check In/Out – The check-in team is responsible to check in volunteers and ensuring they have completed their safety video. They will make sure everyone has a HeroWork shirt, a name tag and that they get directed to the liaisons. They also will be responsible for collecting any donations made in person towards the project or for the T-shirts.

Food/Snack Masters – This project is being fully catered by Salvation Army ARC so the food and snack master position will be in charge of ensure that our volunteers have prepackaged snacks, water bottles and coffee available and will set up for lunch and then clean up afterwards.
Looking forward to have you out on this incredible project!!

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