Nanaimo Regional Hospital Energy Plant

The Electrical Energy Centre was built to increase the amount of normal and emergency power available to the NRGH campus, to comply with regulatory, redundancy, and operational requirements. A new gas train was constructed to the south of the existing 25kV substation building and connected with the existing incoming gas service. A new fueling location complete with two underground fuel storage tanks was built adjacent to the parking lot. New electrical duct banks and vaults were also installed.

University of Victoria District Energy Plant

The District Energy Plant is a new environmentally friendly water heating plant built to serve the University Of Victoria. The new natural-gas fired plant will boast more efficient boilers which, in combination with new control systems and ultra-efficient energy transfer stations across the campus, are expected to produce significant energy savings. A schematic design for the building, which includes the requirements to achieve the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) gold standard certification.

Royal Jubilee Hospital Boiler House Addition


This addition to the Royal Jubilee Hospital saw selective demolition, modification and new construction of the existing boiler house, expanding the housing unit to incorporate two new boilers to increase the energy production of the hospital.  The project team effectively coordinated energy use of the facility during the upgrade and ensured that all adjacent facilities saw limited disruption throughout the course of construction. 

Dockside Green Waste Water Treatment Plant

The Dockside Green is a LEED Platinum certified residential, commercial and industrial hub in Vic West. The waste water treatment plant filters and treats all surrounding waste water before it is released into the environment and reused to supply water to surrounding greenery and aesthetic ponds.

Langdale Pontoon

The Langdale Pontoon is a concrete structure build in Victoria, and transported across the Haro straight to be installed on the mainland.

RJH Diagnostic and Treatment Centre

This medical complex includes 16 operating theatres, pathology laboratories, digital imaging units and multiple intensive and critical care departments. On the same site we concurrently constructed the RJH Renal Dialysis Unit and a four story parking garage.

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