The Best Paid Team in Victoria!

At Farmer Construction, we appreciate and value our employees who are the key to our success which is why we are excited to announce that we have increased our carpenter pay rates to ensure that our employees are the best paid team in Victoria!

Effective January 31st, 2022, the pay rate for a certified carpenter and concrete finisher was raised almost 7% from $35.50 to $38 an hour plus 8% holiday pay.  As you most likely know, all semi-skilled and apprentices’ wages are based on a percentage of the certified carpenter pay rate. Those pay rates will therefore also be increased by an equivalent value.

To all our current apprentices, we want you to understand that we value and want to recognize your development.  After your first year, you will earn an increase in pay every six (6) months if you are registered and completing your apprenticeship schooling.  Farmer Construction is committed to your growth and development so you can achieve enduring success in this industry and become the next generation of leaders at Farmer Construction.

We are also pleased to offer two programs worthy of special mention. The first is the Blue Cross Member and Family Assistance Program.  This service provides free in-person and remote counselling services to field staff employees and their families. The second is the Construction Industry Rehab Plan, a free program which helps those suffering from addiction to get their lives back.  Farmer Construction pays for these benefits so that they are there for you if you ever need them.

Come join our Team and be part of a company that cares, recognizes, and supports their employees as well as being the best paid team in Victoria!

For more information on employment opportunities with Farmer Construction, visit our website or contact Heath Avery, Senior Superintendent at